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About Us

Strategic Consulting offers a personal, one on one relationship with your practice. We pride ourselves on being available to you any time to answer questions and take action on any and all needs, giving you the freedom to fully focus on your patients. Whether you have a team of in-house billers or seeking assistance with a specific area of your practice, we have you covered!

Passionate team members with a cause! We provide all our clients with a straightforward mission – achieve maximum efficiency resulting in industry leading reimbursement while allowing providers to focus on what matters, patient care.

We provide a full suite of services to enhance your practice. Whether it’s consultative services or full medical billing - we can help!

  • Provider Credentialing & Contract Negotiations

  • Insurance Verification, Eligibility & Referrals 

  • CPT and ICD-10 Coding

  • Insurance (A/R) Follow-up / Patient Collections

  • Compliance & HIPAA

  • Coding & Chart Auditing 

  • Internal Controls Assessment & Improvement 

  • Fee Schedule Analysis & Benchmarking 

  • Process / Workflow Improvement 

  • Payer Contracting & Negotiations

  • Revenue Cycle Management

  • Claims Scrubbing / Submission

  • Billing Process Improvement

  • Staffing / Recruitment Support

  • Administrative Support

  • Overhead Analysis

Are you ready to start seeing an increase in productivity and reimbursement? Streamline processes that enhance your quality of care? Give us a call!​

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